Kwanga Festival


Oct 2012 (annual)



Every year in October the N’gumbo tribe gather in Samfya near Zambia’s Lake Bangweulu for the Kwanga Festival. Feasting, drinking, music and intricate dancing by colourful participants is some of the ways that the community celebrates during this colourful festival.

Beating of drums spurs dancers to showcase their talents with delight as the crowd eggs them on. These ceremonies are the life blood of rural communities; it also celebrates the right of passage from childhood to adulthood. The ceremonies also unite each tribe reinforcing social identity. Visitors are always welcomed to witness these celebrations but they need to respect and appreciate the essence of the ceremonies.

Lake Bangweulu is a fascinating place. The swamps to the south are rich with bird and animal life. You can hire canoes and paddle among the reed islands in search of the shy sitatunga and other antelope, you can also view the herds of elephant and buffalo that thrive on the rich vegetation and diverse area they call home.