The Inspiration

Our new name is more than a word.

It is the beginning of a NEW conversation.

A conversation we love to have with past, present and future guests who will continue to anticipate the quality and service Shamwari Townhouse has become synonymous with. Taking into account that our existing brand equity is the sum of all the hearts and minds of every person that has come into contact with our hotel, we are excited to continue delivering on our promise and invite guests to come and experience the exceptional at No5 Boutique Art Hotel.

In choosing our new identity, No5 Boutique Art Hotel, we literally went back to basics by incorporating elements such as location, facilities, ownership and loyal customers and through this we captured our essence.

By placing emphasis on our physical address, Number 5 Brighton Drive in Summerstrand Port Elizabeth, we hope to avoid possible confusion with the nearby Shamwari Game Reserve and ensure that guests will continue to enjoy the accessibility of this boutique offering.

No5 Boutique Art Hotel will remain host to a privately owned art collection and world-class facilities, hand selected for the enjoyment of both business and leisure travellers. A unique combination of style, comfort and affordability, including:

  • Luxury Accommodation in 10 private suites
  • Champagne Lounge and Jazz Room Dining
  • 14 seat Provencal-style Dining Cellar
  • Salon Privé Cigar & Whiskey Bar
  • 14 seat Mount Batten Theatre
  • 12 seat Executive Boardroom
  • Rock Retreat Spa & Gym

Furthermore, our Mantis Group representation, which incorporates 5 divisions namely; Hospitality, Management, Marketing, Wildlife and Education, will keep us at the forefront of the tourism industry allowing us to continue offering guests the exceptional service they have become accustomed to.

More so, the number 5 in a numerological sense is known as the most dynamic and energetic of all the single-digit numbers. It is unpredictable, always in motion, constantly in need of change and yet surprisingly loyal. With nothing demure or submissive in its nature the number 5 is a risk taker and adventurer. No wonder the spiritual meaning of number 5 also deals with travel, adventure and motion, a testament to the discerning travellers and guests that frequent our hotel.

While not taking away from the existing services we offer, rebranding as No5 Boutique Art Hotel provides us with the opportunity to pool the traits of the current brand and combine those historic qualities with a new direction and a promising future.

Some of these historic qualities and brand elements, which will be retained, is the iconic Townhouse symbol, representative of the Gardiner family structure with a strong leader extending to three children, the future of the Gardiner legacy. It is also a contemporary take on a traditional Shona wooden carved stool. A stool where friends would sit when they come to visit – a direct link to the hospitality industry and No5 Boutique Art Hotel owner, Adrian Gardiner, who has his roots in Zimbabwe, the home of the Shona people.

The legs of the stool furthermore speak of 3 core values evident at any Mantis property, namely quality, excellence and distinction, without which the Gardiner standard and the Mantis mission of unearthing the exceptional will not be achieved.

Step into a world of unsurpassed sophistication and excellence at No5 Boutique Art Hotel, the definitive in accommodation and world-class facilities.

Experience the exceptional!